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Download manager not working on Mac

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Mar 12, 2007, 9:40:22 AM3/12/07
I am currently using OS X version 10.4 and the latest downloaded
version of Firefox

Every time I try to download a file the download manager will pop up
but it appears blank. Also the file I try to download will usually
get a weird random name such as mx2z015z.dmg. It will then be unable
to be opened. The only way I can successfully download something is
if I can open it from the current location with StuffIt or any other
application. But if I try to save to disk first it seems to get
corrupted because the file fails to be recognized as a valid one .

I am not sure when the problem started happening but Firefox was doing
this before I upgraded and continues this behavior even after I have
cleared all history and caches and restarted.

Any one had the same issue and how did you fix it?


Mar 12, 2007, 9:48:48 AM3/12/07

I think I just figured out my own problem. At one time I had set the
Firefox preferences to download items to a folder on my desktop called
'downloads'. Then I removed the folder some time ago. Even though
Firefox said it was saving all downloads to my desktop I went and
select desktop again and shazam, it started working correctly. So my
recommendation to you is not to trust the Preferences and re-select a
VALID location for your downloads.


Mar 12, 2007, 9:50:32 AM3/12/07

just check :
close firefox ( if running )
goto Firefox profile folder ""
rename 'downloads.rdf' to 'downloads.rdf.1'
start FF in safe mode : see ""
same problem?

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