Order of JavaScript execution during XLST

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Dec 21, 2006, 1:00:01 PM12/21/06
We think we have addressed our issues that I posted about last night
with the loading of resources via JavaScript in HTML that is rendered
via XSLT. We are guessing about what happens during this load based on
our observations. Can someone with actual knowledge of the Mozilla
internals confirm something?

For JavaScript statements that are in HTML but not wrapped in a
function, in HTML built via XSLT, what is the point at which those
statements are executed? It appears that the timing changed between and Our observations make it appear that it was onLoad
for the former, and on insertion into the DOM for the latter. If we
take the JavaScript that failed after the upgrade, wrapped it in a
function and then called that from the body onLoad handler, we get the
same behavior across both versions.

Does anyone have some insight into what's happening with the JavaScript
during the transform?


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