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Rob Lanphier

Jun 23, 2010, 9:04:49 PM6/23/10
Hi everyone,

I'm working with Wikimedia Foundation to help evaluate our project
management practices (of which, tools play a role). As you may know,
Wikimedia Foundation currently uses Bugzilla as our bug tracking
tool. Priyanka Dhanda and I have been the main people looking at
this, in consultation with our development community. We don't really
have a mature project management process in place yet, so we're
currently looking at how the tools we use now might be put to good
use, or if they're inhibiting our productivity. Here's the latest
state of our thinking:

Part of this process if figuring out if we want to stick with
Bugzilla, or find something else. Priyanka and I have informally
narrowed our choices down to either staying with Bugzilla or migrating
to Redmine, but that's far from a final determination. After talking
with a few of you on #mozwebtools earlier this month[1], we sent a
message to our dev list updating them on what we're doing [2]. The
general sentiment among our community seems to be to stick with
Bugzilla. We've also at least stirred some developer interest to
work on better project management capabilities (see John Vandenberg's
messages in particular).

We figure that the project management issues we've identified are not
at all unique to Wikimedia Foundation. Rather than work on this
problem in isolation, we'd like to reach out and see if we can stir up
interest in really tackling this problem. So, here's a page to
consolidate our efforts:

(not much there as of this writing, but I'd love help from you all in
fleshing it out)

Now, we know there's at least some of you out there that are using
Bugzilla right now for project management (e.g. roadmap generation,
milestone management, etc) How are you doing it? What are the best
practices here? Are you doing it all on a wiki, and linking to
Bugzilla queries, or doing other stuff that we just need to learn

If anyone in the SF Bay area (or Seattle area for that matter) would
like to get together to discuss this, let me know. Alternatively, if
there's a critcal mass of people going to OSCON that would like to
discuss this, also let me know. If there's sufficient interest, I'll
try to set something up.

[1] IRC conversation on #mozwebtools:

Apr 15, 2013, 3:31:21 PM4/15/13
Hi Rob,

Just curious here about what you guys ended up doing?

- Nestor

Andre Klapper

Apr 15, 2013, 3:56:40 PM4/15/13
On Mon, 2013-04-15 at 12:31 -0700, wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> Just curious here about what you guys ended up doing?

Hi Nestor,

I'm not Rob, I'm just a mailing list with random people on it.
Would you like to provide some more context? :)

Andre Klapper |

Apr 15, 2013, 4:00:22 PM4/15/13
Sorry about that. I replied to a poster in this URL:!msg/


- Nestor
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