Notes from Contribute Group meeting on 6/9/11

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Jun 17, 2011, 2:32:32 PM6/17/11
Notes from Contribute Group meeting on 6/9/11

present: davidwboswell, pbiggar, marcia, alina, clint, mary, grace,
jorge, evilpie, jenzed, aakash, kinger, stas

- Case Studies

Clint runs the automation and tools team and had a case study about
volunteer QA triagers who wanted to make Bugzilla easier to use.
Their first attempt didn't work, but things seem to be working better
the second time around -- partly because there are now dedicated
resources they can work with who are tasked with implementing Bugzilla

Another point that was discussed was of formally recognizing that
these people have taken on a new role. Mozilla governance usually
works retroactively by recognizing someone after they have taken on
certain responsibilities so it is important to officially acknowledge
new roles to encourage people. Another way to recognize people who
are taking on leadership roles in the community is to encourage them
to become a Mozilla Representative. The ReMo application is at

Alina is active in many different project areas and gave an update on
a recent event she helped run that was focused on bringing in new
contributors to the Catalan localization team. There's a great blog
post with more details at

One take away from this was that we should consider ways to follow up
with people as they start getting involved -- not just with people
coming in through events but people interacting with any part of the
project. For instance, can we see who contacts us about being
interested in coding and then who takes the next step of creating a
Bugzilla account and then help them take the next step after that?

Mary mentioned that this sort of system is very similar to tools that
are used by traditional non-profits -- they have visibility about
where people are in any stage of the process of contributing.

Aakash then spoke about his role with roadmapping a platform for
contributor engagement that could provide the missing tools we need to
help people get involved. This Contribute Group could have input into
the roadmap to help determine what requirements are needed.

Lastly, people agreed that having case studies was useful so we'll do
them for future meetings. If you'd like to discuss something, please
feel free to talk at the next meeting.

- Other Items

We discussed having better video/audio support for the next All Hands
so people who aren't physically present can still take part. This
happened in some cases at previous All Hands but it was driven
individually by the meeting organizer. We could help make this easier
by providing better technology, but also just by letting people know
this is an option they have if they want to run meetings this way.

David presented the community infographic and definitions that the
Contributor Engagement team has been working on and there was a
discussion about that. Do the different levels represent a ladder
people can take to become more active? Are the transitions from one
definition to another (for example, Supporter to Casual Contributor) a
good place to focus our efforts to help more people move up the

- Next Meeting

The next meeting is on Thursday, June 23 at 10 AM PDT and the agenda
is at:

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