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Adam Mizerski

Jun 21, 2015, 8:37:57 AM6/21/15
to jo...@lists.mozilla.org

I wanted to apply for the job at Mozilla. I found the "Firefox Platform
Engineer" position
(https://careers.mozilla.org/en-US/position/oZgW0fwV), which looks very
interesting for me.

I've updated my CV, wrote short cover letter and happily clicked "Apply
for this job" button. This moved me to hire.jobvite.com website, where I
was supposed to upload my resume, provide some personal data, write
something witty about why they should hire me. I've done this and
clicked 'submit'.

Next they wanted to check my skills. There were links to two tasks at
gapjumpers.me. When I clicked "Apply now" on one of them, it asked me to
register first an log in. So I did (it asked me only for my name and
e-mail). I clicked "Apply now" again. Now it wants to verify my identity
with a Linkedin account.


How does it prove anyone's identity? And what's more important: Why do
you Mozilla want me to have an accounts on two other sites if I want to
apply for a job at FOSS and privacy friendly project? It's ridiculous!

I've sent an e-mail to gapjumpers.me to cancel my account (there's no
other way to do it) and don't ask me to create it again.

I'm still interested in applying for this position, but only if it
doesn't _require_ any third-party accounts.

Adam Mizerski


Ben Bucksch

Jun 21, 2015, 8:31:36 PM6/21/15
to jo...@lists.mozilla.org
Adam Mizerski wrote on 21.06.2015 13:35:
> Why do you Mozilla want me to have an accounts on two other sites if I
> want to apply for a job at FOSS and privacy friendly project?

I didn't verify whether it is the case as described, but I concur that
usage of Mozilla (any version of it, including for Android), and
contribution to the project (any aspect of it, including job
applications, T-Shirt selections or code submission) should never
require any third party account. This is important for privacy and
individual freedom, which Mozilla stands in for.

Soumya Deb

Jun 26, 2015, 8:46:38 PM6/26/15
to jo...@lists.mozilla.org
This concern deserves an audience & considerations.
If this fails to grab attention of the respective teams who should consider & resolve it, may be this be escalated to a policy-concerned list.

jobs mailing list

Soumya Deb
Twitter: @Debloper
Open Source Evangelist


Jul 6, 2015, 7:53:10 AM7/6/15
to mozill...@lists.mozilla.org
Hey there Adam, Ben and Soumya,

This is Kedar here. I'm the co-founder of GapJumpers, the platform used by Mozilla to conduct 'blind
auditions' for selecting talented engineers.
More about blind auditions here at
diversity-hiring-problem or www.today.com/video/companies-using-blind-auditions-to-hire-top-talent-459650627844

As you may imagine, the selection process is blind for the employer where in the hiring team at
Mozilla is not influenced by the profile of the applicants. The Engineering teams at Mozilla rely solely
on the performance of applicants on challenges hosted on our platform/ GapJumpers.

Though we anonymize submissions for the employer, we need to ensure that applicants are authentic.
One simple way for us to do is to tie every account to a valid Linkedin account to avoid identity theft.

I'm eager to hearing your thoughts to resolve this issue and maintain the integrity of conducting a bias-free selection process.

Many thanks,
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