Firefox source code customization to use cross domain policy without cors

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Jun 3, 2013, 1:54:21 PM6/3/13
We need an modification of a current firefox version (20+), that permits us to use cross domain policy WITHOUT cors.

The preferable solutions would be to reactivate the (Please see attached test.html for testing)

If that isn’t possible the alternative would be to get rid of the whole crossdomain policy itself. (Please see attached test2.html for testing)

We have no clue how much effort is needed for any of these tasks, but we think it shouldn't be too complicated for anyone familiar with Firefox source and C++ and will start with a fixed-price 100 USD offer. Please make personal proposal of budget and hours estimated if you have the feeling we underestimate this.

The resulting compiled Firefox version should run at least on Windows XP 32-bit, English or German language.
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