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Soumya Deb

Jul 7, 2015, 5:53:24 PM7/7/15
to Kédar Iyer,,, Petar Vujosevic,
Hi Kedar,

Good to know about GapJumpers, and in many hiring scenarios, it's a necessary legal gap what you bridge.
However, iirc the discussion wasn't around "why gapjumpers", rather, "why yet another 3rd party"?

For Mozilla People Team:
I don't think it's an easy question to answer, and Mozilla's use of GapJumpers should be opt-in for the candidated. As in, "as an applicant, if you're okay sharing your credentials with us, cool, you void your warranty to sue us for partiality of selection - if you fear there might be such case, here... go with GapJumpers for blind selection". I'm sure there are people with swing for either side (and rarely someone who is indifferent - it's a mutually exclusive, either this or that pref), hence it's better to have both the options open and not force one preference over another.

Just my under-thought 2 cents.

On Mon, Jul 6, 2015 at 10:57 AM, Kédar Iyer <> wrote:
Hi Adam, Ben and Soumya,

It's Kedar here from GapJumpers. Hope you're well.

I'm reaching out after reading your discussion at I tried to post a reply on the same thread but couldn't due to some error with the format of my post.

I hope you don't mind receiving this email for me instead.

I'm the co-founder of GapJumpers, the platform used by Mozilla to conduct 'blind 
auditions' for hiring engineers.

The applicant selection process is blind for the employer where in the hiring team at Mozilla is not influenced by the profile of the applicants. The Engineering teams at Mozilla rely solely on the performance of applicants on the challenges hosted on our platform/ GapJumpers.

Though we anonymize submissions for the employer, we need to ensure that applicants are authentic and real. One simple way for us to do is to tie every account to a valid professional Linkedin account to avoid identity theft and ensure ethical use of the platform. (

I'm eager to hearing your thoughts to resolve this issue and maintain the integrity of conducting a bias-free selection process.

Many thanks,

Co-founder of GapJumpers.
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Soumya Deb
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