Wanted! B2G Systems Engineer

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Aug 19, 2013, 10:29:40 PM8/19/13
Reward - Well, some cash... and maybe a cute little fox courtesy of Mozilla.

Hello everyone!

We're a consumer electronics startup looking for a programmer on a contract basis who has experience hacking the FireFox OS kernel (i.e. ~ Gonk, B2G, Gecko) to help us with our development work for our FireFox OS-based Tablet.

Since FireFox OS isn't really ready for prime time yet, a lot of work still needs to be done on issues like web browsing, apps performance, UI responsiveness, movies/music consumption, etc., it would be great if you could work with us and help FireFox OS achieve world domination over Android and iOS and power the next Mars rover and...

Interested programmers who are already in possession of a Pandaboard ES will be given priority; nonetheless all excellent hackers are welcome to contact us. =)

Any and all work done for this project will be published with open source licences (either GPL or MPL).

Thanks and cheers!
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