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Reftest module ownership

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Kartikaya Gupta

Nov 2, 2020, 4:59:41 PM11/2/20
to, Timothy Nikkel, dbaron,, Andrew Halberstadt
The reftest module ownership needs a bit of an overhaul. It is
currently owned by David Baron, but he has left Mozilla and said that
he will not be involved much with this module going forward. I also
checked with Jeff Walden who is currently on the peer list, but has
not been involved with this code for a while and agreed to be removed.
I myself also don't plan to be involved much with that module going
forward so I'll remove myself as well.

Timothy Nikkel has worked with this code quite a bit recently, and has
agreed to take on the role of module owner. Andrew Halberstadt has
similarly worked with the code a bunch and has agreed to be a peer.

Unless I hear objections I'll be making these changes on the wiki in a few days.


Kartikaya Gupta

Nov 5, 2020, 3:49:45 PM11/5/20
to, Timothy Nikkel, dbaron, Jeff Walden, Andrew Halberstadt
I've updated the wiki to reflect these changes.

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