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New owner for "Web Worker" module

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Andrea Marchesini

Sep 23, 2020, 9:20:49 AM9/23/20
to, Andrew Sutherland
I have been the "Web Worker" module owner for several years, but in the
last year and a half, I have been working more on privacy and security than
workers, sharedWorkers, and so on. I don't have time to follow this module
as much as I would and should so, it's time to change the owner.

Andrew Sutherland has been the most active contributor to this module and,
if there are no objections, I would like to have him as the new Web Worker
module owner. I'll move my role to a peer level.

I also suggest setting Blake Kaplan, Jonas Sicking, Kyle Huey, Ben Kelly as
emeritus peers.

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