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DOM: Animation module - new peer

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Brian Birtles

Jul 13, 2020, 10:02:37 PM7/13/20
to, Boris Chiou, Hiroyuki Birchill Ikezoe

Hiro and I have been looking after the DOM: Animation module but have less
time available recently to tend to it properly.

Boris Chiou has been contributing to the module for many years now
including implementing major features like our motion-path implementation
and individual CSS transform function feature (including, most importantly,
making these animations run off main thread). He has also contributed core
parts of the Web Animations API and was a critical part of the team
integrating our animation code with the Servo style engine (Stylo).

He knows the module's ins and outs as well as anyone and has already agreed
to take on the triage owner responsibility.

If no one objects I intend to make him a peer of the module too.

Thank you Boris for being willing to help out!

Best regards,

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