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Stephanie Hobson

Mar 25, 2019, 4:35:17 PM3/25/19

I moved off of MDN a year ago, I would like to be moved from module owner
to owner emeritus please (or to have permission to move myself).

Thank you,

Stephanie Hobson | Senior Front-end Developer | Marketing Engineering and
Operations | | Vancouver, Canada

Apr 5, 2019, 4:54:58 PM4/5/19
On Monday, March 25, 2019 at 3:35:17 PM UTC-5, Stephanie Hobson wrote:
> I moved off of MDN a year ago, I would like to be moved from module owner
> to owner emeritus please (or to have permission to move myself).

Stephanie made this change, and I approve. This leaves me as the sole module owner. However, I'm transitioning to another position in Mozilla, starting April 15th. I have some changes to make, and I'll update the wiki page next week unless I hear objections.

I nominate Ryan Johnson, current peer on MDN Web Docs, to be the new module owner. Ryan has worked on MDN since September 2016, and has been deeply involved in several MDN projects, including moving from the SCL3 data center to AWS, a second migration within AWS, and developing the improved maintenance mode. He knows the details of how MDN works, and can help the site and code base get through the challenges ahead.

I'm adding David Flanagan to the peer list. David is a long-term Mozilla employee, and returned to Mozilla in 2018. He quickly made significant improvements to the KumaScript service. He's also proposed needed improvements in our decision and communication processes, and is implementing the front-end technology strategy.

I'm adding Peter Bengstsson to the peer list. Peter is new to MDN as of this month, but has a depth of experience on a variety of user-facing and internal websites, at Mozilla and beyond. I look forward to his perspective as a long-time Mozilla employee as well as a fresh set of eyes.

We're lucky to have four experienced developers on MDN, which is a large and complex and creaky project. In many cases, the content is more important than the code that supports it, and the writers have their own policies and procedures. There are 82 related repositories in, and I'm adding this as a "source directory" for the module. There are a few that run in production, and require the attention of the module owner, but most are managed by writers.

Finally, the URL for MDN Web Docs is set as, and has been since the Mozilla Websites page was added to the wiki in 2013. I'm changing this to, to match the other modules.

I hope Ryan does a better job at spreading out changes to MDN Web Docs in the future. I look forward to joining the Owners Emeritus, and being amazed at the progress of the "new" team.

John Whitlock
MDN Web Docs

Bich Bich

Dec 8, 2020, 3:07:21 PM12/8/20
Vào lúc 03:54:58 UTC+7 ngày Thứ Bảy, 6 tháng 4, 2019, đã viết:
> ghdvhfx Web Docs
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