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New module owner for JavaScript

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Jason Orendorff

Mar 17, 2021, 12:59:36 PM3/17/21
Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that Jan de Mooij has agreed to take on ownership of the JavaScript module. I'm stepping down. Jan is already module owner of the JavaScript JIT module and has been effectively the owner of the JS engine codebase for some time already. (If you're experiencing deja vu, it's because I previously announced this to dev.platform, the wrong group.)

Now is a good time to make two other related changes:

- There was a js-ctypes module, which I owned. This code lives under js/src and has been in maintenance mode for years, so we've agreed to fold it into the JS module.

- There is currently a js-tests module, owned by Bob Clary. This too should be folded into the JavaScript module. The JavaScript team has long since taken responsibility for the tests.

Please join me in offering congratulations and/or condolences to Jan!

Jason Orendorff

Mar 22, 2021, 9:44:25 PM3/22/21
Thanks again, Jason.

Jan continues to be a diligent steward of the JS engine as whole and is the right person for module owner :)

With js/src and js/src/jit both being owned by Jan, I would also like to see the JS and JS JIT modules merged at some point in the future. With performance being so important, understanding the JITs is an important skill for all our JS peers.

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