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Changes to Level 1 Commit Access

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Mike Connor

Dec 10, 2020, 9:40:04 AM12/10/20
Hi folks,
As a step to remove unnecessary overhead, we are proposing that we amend
the Commit Access Policy for Level 1 commit access to remove the vouching
requirement for Mozilla employees. Level 1 access allows users to access
the Try Server as well as creating user repositories. It does not allow
commits to either product repositories or the repositories for Mozilla
sites and services.
There is a long history of trying to separate employment from commit
access, dating back to the earliest days of Mozilla under the Netscape
umbrella. The historical rationale was that early Mozilla leaders felt the
need to mitigate poor hiring practices by imposing an additional vouching
process. Over time we have slowly walked back these restrictions without
harm, and this change should be quite safe.
In evaluating this change, the primary risk in granting Level 1 access is
excessive resource consumption, rather than unfettered access to important
repositories. We have full confidence that Mozilla employees will be
responsible consumers of these resources, and that we will not introduce
material risks to our products.
Specifically, the following text:

Requirements: one voucher - any other user with level 2 or above access

will be replaced by


- Contributors require one voucher - any other user with level 2 or
above access
- Mozilla Employees do not require additional vouching.

If there are no unresolved objections, I will update the policy on December
18, 2020.

-- Mike

Michael Cooper

Dec 10, 2020, 12:21:52 PM12/10/20
to Mike Connor,
Mozilla Employees would still have to request L1 access, right? This isn't
proposing that all employee LDAP accounts automatically have this flag set?

To my eyes, the phrasing you have listed "Mozilla Employees do not require
additional vouching" reads as "Mozilla Employees require only the above
vouching and no more", which I don't think is what you meant. Phrasing like
"Mozilla Employees do not require the above vouching" would be less
ambiguous I think.
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