To the devs: Firefox and Thunderbird 6

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Bob Henson

Aug 16, 2011, 2:10:24 PM8/16/11
The current release cycle of every six weeks for Thunderbird and Firefox
is farcical. Nearly half my Firefox extensions were broken by this
release, 10 out of 17 in Thunderbird. This would not be too good once a
year - every 6 weeks is plain silly and very irritating.

If we now have to have the Compatibility Reporter enabled permanently to
keep the extensions operating (and that may not be sufficient) - what on
earth is the point of having the compatibility check at all? Extension
developers will quickly tire of this and stop bothering offering their
services anyway. Users will start thinking of going back to IE9, which
is now much improved and doesn't change every few days. Chrome is now a
very viable alternative.

You *must* hold these releases back until the extension and theme
writers have a chance to catch up, or better still change the release
cycle to every six months at the least. Some of the extensions broken by
the *last* release still aren't fixed, and some have just disappeared.
Unless you want to waste all the hard work you have done over the last
few years, this MUST stop, and soon!


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