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paul simdars

May 6, 2011, 1:59:57 PM5/6/11
Name: paul simdars
Email: psimdarsatliscodotcom
Product: Other (please state)
Summary: thunderbird

It is very hard to find out how to ask a question, it seems I went in
circles on your web site. I have Thunderbird version 3.1.10. I always
take the updates when they say they are ready, but after the last one,
when I go to reply to a message it doesn't work properly. It USED to
be, you hit reply and the compose window camp up with your cursor at the
top, then a timestamp or something and then the contents of the message
you are replying to. Now there is no longer that separation. I hit
'reply' and the composition window comes up and my cursor is right at
the start of the message I am replying to, with no space at all. So if
their message was formatted in a certain way with their specific font,
my cursor is in thier formatting.

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