[Hendrix] Firefox and Seamonkey, and possibly others, don't save properly

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Newsgroup Guy

May 14, 2011, 5:39:12 PM5/14/11
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Summary: Firefox and Seamonkey, and possibly others, don't save properly

I don't know if any people from Firefox worked on Seamonkey, or

You know how, when you are trying to save a file, a pop-up window
explorer appears, and you can use it to navigate the contents of your
computer until you find the appropriate saving place?
Well, the interfaces that Mozilla coders put in both Firefox and
Seamonkey are very, very crappy and buggy imitations of a Windows
Explorer interface.

What happens? Well, sometimes I have to click several times to even
highlight the folder I was trying to double-click; other times, I press
only once to move the page slider (- you know, the one that allows you
to scroll left/right or up/down in order to see all contents of a folder
-) and the stupid thing keeps moving by itself until it reaches the end.
(If I'm looking, let's say to check how many items begin with the letter
'P', and I only see the 'A's, after entering the folder, I click a few
times, to hopefully get to the 'P's, but the stupid slider moves by
itself to the 'Z's, and only then it stops, even if I only pressed right
one time.

If that's not buggy software, I don't know what is.

I thought it was just Firefox, but, no, Seamonkey is like that, too.

Even the smallest, less useful programs in the world get this
Windows-Explorer-navigation thing right! Yours must be the only company
that cannot figure it out! Check your programs on Windows 2000, if you
don't believe me.

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