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Steps to improve FireFox 4 memory leak problem

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pupuweb Blog

Jun 17, 2011, 11:40:58 AM6/17/11
One major issue that people keep complaining in FireFox support forum
is Firefox 4 consumes more RAM than previous version. This article
show you how to reduce and limit usage of RAM by FireFox 4.

Close Or Hibernate Tabs
Open and retain many tabs in FireFox 4 will consume more RAM. In order
to save RAM, the easiest way is to close unuse tabs or you can manage
tabs with below recommended extensions

BarTab – Intercept when tabs are loaded in background or restored
after browser restart and only load content when tab is actually
visited. BarTab also allows you to free memory by unloading already
loaded tabs either manually or automatically. [https://]

Memory Fox – Reduce browser’s RAM Memory usage. [https://]

Load Tabs Progressively – Work as BarTab to limits the number of
concurrent loading tabs. [

TabGroups Manager – Classify and organize tabs into Groups. [https://]

You can get more information about extensions related to tabbed
browsing functionality at FireFox Add-ons tabs extensions categories.

Remove Add-Ons
FireFox Add-ons such as extensions, themes or plugins will consume
more RAM while running. Go through all add-ons in FireFox extensions,
disable extensions that you are temporary not using and remove those

Follow below steps to list out all installed add-ons:
Go to > Firefox > Add-ons and switch between > Extensions > Appearance
and > Plugins to find out all installed extensions.

Follow below steps to update all installed add-ons in order to fix
possible bug in add-ons:
Go to > FireFox > Options > Advanced > Update tab > make sure that
check box for Add-ons already ticked > OK.

About:Config change
There are several potential way to tune control how memory used by

Set cache disk capacity
Type > about:config into URL bar, promise to be careful, scroll to >
browser.cache.disk.capacity. Double click the value to change the
maximum amount of hard drive space in KB to use for cache. This
preference controls maximum amount of hard drive space to use for
caching purposes. 400,000K is reasonable value.

Claim back RAM when Firefox is Minimized
Enable this preference for Windows to claim back RAM. In >
about:config right-click anywhere and select > New > Boolean and enter
> config.trim_on_minimize as preference name. Double-click new entry
to set value to true. Restart Firefox to enable thischanges.

Limit Memory Storage for Open Tabs
The last about:config preference we are going to look at is >
browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers. The default value for
browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers is -1 which will
automatically determine maximum amount of pages stored in memory based
on total amount of RAM. Set this value to zero to not store any pages
in memory or to 1 for 32MB, 2 for 64MB, 3 for 128MB etc.

All above mentioned steps will brought some improvement but the root
cause is still happen memory leak at FireFox 4 especially when you
open more tabs.


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