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Re: Hello, World.

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David Rajchenbach-Teller

May 18, 2013, 5:21:32 AM5/18/13
to Carey Pridgeon,
Hi Carey,

Sorry for the slow reply. Most definitely, this looks like the "right"
way to teach open-source and you are in the right place. Most Mozilla
people are glad to help students through projects. The only difficulty
is getting in touch with said Mozilla people.

Have you already looked at
- (mentored bugs);
- (student

Also, a good way to get in touch with Mozilla people is to come and chat
with us on irc:


On 3/12/13 10:44 PM, Carey Pridgeon wrote:
> Hi all
> Thanks to Richard Newman for pointing me at this list.
> Introductions then. I'm Carey Pridgeon, Lecturer in Computer Science at
> Coventry University in England.
> I've been given a new module to teach. It's third year undergrad level. The
> Module descriptor is pretty loose. The goal is to teach students about the
> world of open source software. I have a pretty wide remit, so I can pretty
> much do anything I want with it.
> The module is set to start this October, and will run for about 24 lectures
> and associated workshops.
> I find the idea of teaching Open Source software development as a semi
> abstract concept a bit difficult to cope with, so my idea is that the
> students should instead interact with a major open source effort.
> My current thinking idea is that I have students studying the work of the
> Mozilla foundation. Assignments will be active bugs in the current code
> base of either Firefox, Thunderbird, or the Firefox OS.
> On this aspect I'd like it if I could have Mozilla people working with my
> students. This support being anything from talking via email to a closer
> co-operation. You people obviously have lots of work to do, so I could be
> being too optimistic. The students who will be taking this course will be
> ones that I've taught since day one at uni, so I would know who to aim at
> what issue.
> My aims are to get them used to working with a large code base, learning
> about the tools commonly used in open source projects, and how to work with
> project leaders.
> Carey

David Rajchenbach-Teller, PhD
Performance Team, Mozilla
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