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[Learning Area] MDN Work Week-end follow up: Drafting a tree of knowledge

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Jeremie Patonnier

Mar 10, 2014, 2:26:17 PM3/10/14
to dev-mdc,, Doug Belshaw, Michelle Thorne, Mozilla Webmaker list
Hi everybody :)

Here is the due follow up for the "Tree of knowledge" workshop organized
during the last MDN Work Week-end.

Thanks to all the attendees, you did a great job during the workshop. It
was both fun and efficient.

The results are available on WikiMo:


This is the first step of a more larger work to (re)shape our existing and
future beginner contents on MDN. For that reason, we will appreciate any
feedback you could have on this exercise and how we should organise our

Web :
Twitter : @JeremiePat <>
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