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Michael Hoye

May 8, 2013, 11:06:25 AM5/8/13
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Hi, everyone -

It's time. As promised, and as part of the whole master plan to remake the Education page into something current and useful, I'm going to impose on all of you to tell me about yourselves.

We've got a number of different education initiatives underway here, and I don't think we've got a really good showcase/onramp page in that space. So here's what I'd like:

Two or three paragraphs, if you've got them, about what The Thing You're About is, and a link to whatever the main focus of that should be. You've already got this stuff queued up, I'm sure.

The second part is a bit more interesting. Some (Most? All?) of you have heard me go on about this, but bear with me:

You've probably heard, from the startup & small-project scenes, of this idea of the Minimum Viable Product: "the smallest possible thing you can ship, that will make somebody's life better, built that and ship it."

What I'd like you to tell me about, from your perspective, is: what's the Minimum Viable Participant in your area? What is the smallest bit of effort somebody can engage in, to connect with your part of the Mozilla project, and to have that be a rewarding experience?

I'm collecting these so that we can build better contributor roadmaps and onramps and a bunch of other car-related metaphors I'll spare you. "Vroom", basically, and I'm hoping this exercise will clarify our own thinking as much as it will help new participants and contributors find a rewarding, valuable fit with Mozilla.

So what I'm hoping for is:

- A description: what is the smallest possible unit of participation in your corner of the project. This can be anything from "sign up for an email list" to "take a survey" to "show up for an event", but it should be as tiny and self-contained as possible.

- What are the prerequisites, if any, for making that contribution? Device ownership, group membership, mailing list signup, whatever has to be done or obtained before somebody can start on this.

- What sort of skills, speaking generally, do you need ahead of time? JS, C++, accessibility experience? Any, none?

- What are the time costs of making this contribution the first time, and the second time? Is the initial setup an expensive but one-time cost? How long will it take to actually do (very roughly), once you're all set up?

- Where do I find out about this contribution? Mozilla, GitHub, Asana, Lighthouse, a community mailing list, something else? And who do I ask about it?

... and finally:

- Why this is important.

That last bit doesn't have to be much, but I think it's key to selling it: why is this experience will be valuable, to the users, our mission, and the Web.

You might have two or three different answers to these questions, and that's fantastic! I'll take them. I'm also going to be forwarding this question to dev-planning shortly.

Thanks for your time; if I can answer any questions, please let me know.

- mhoye
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