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Re: MDN need your help.

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Santiago Ferreira

Feb 18, 2014, 6:43:28 PM2/18/14
to Jeremie Patonnier,, Mozilla Webmaker list, Alicia Spivak
Hi Jeremie,

This it's interesting to make the ladder of knowledge


2014-01-27 11:38 GMT-02:00 Jeremie Patonnier <>:

> Hello everybody :)
> MDN needs you and your unique expertise regarding education and teaching.
> As you should know, MDN is our documentation and resource center for web
> developers. It is one of the best resource for skilled and average
> developers. Sadly, it fails when it comes to beginners.
> In order to best serve the interest of beginners, the MDN team decides to
> start building a learning area on MDN. This project is not a competitor to
> your own projects but more a complementary effort in addressing beginners
> needs. Due to its nature MDN will focus on the following skills define by
> the Web Literacy Standard: Web Mechanics, Composing for the Web, Design and
> Accessibility, Coding/scripting, and Infrastructure. Everything else is
> currently considered out of scope for MDN.
> If you want to know more about that project, please take a look at the
> dedicated WikiMo page:
> As your area of expertise is about education and teaching, we need your
> help. Our first step on that "Learning Area" project is to gather feedback
> about what we need to improve on MDN for beginners. To that end we built a
> survey:
> -
> We would love to have you filling it (it should take between 20 and 30
> minutes if you are very talkative) and spreading it around :) The more
> answers we get (especially from beginners) the easier it will be to build
> the right things for beginners (note that even if the survey is written in
> English, it can be answered in French or Spanish as well).
> The results of this survey will be published on the dev-mdc mailing
> list<!forum/>in March,
> so you have a little more than a month to answer and spread :)
> Thank you all for your help.
> I'll gladly answer any questions you could have regarding this project or
> the survey.
> Best,
> --
> Jeremie
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Jeremie Patonnier

Feb 19, 2014, 9:53:54 AM2/19/14
to Santiago Ferreira,, Mozilla Webmaker list, Alicia Spivak
Hi Santiago!

Thank you very much, it's a very interesting ressource. I'll keep it with
the various thing I have to define a future content structure for MDN
beginner content.

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