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Fwd: [school-of-open] searching for a speaker for an open online course session

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Santiago Ferreira

Mar 4, 2014, 4:38:15 AM3/4/14

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From: Christina Hendricks <>
Date: 2014-03-02 21:54 GMT-02:00
Subject: [school-of-open] searching for a speaker for an open online course

Hi everyone:

[My role in SOO: I was one of the organizers for the "Why Open?" course
last summer, and will probably be one of the ones running it again this

I am one of many organizers of an open online course for educators that is
focused on educational technology, running from Fall 2013 to Spring 2014.
Some teachers at a few schools in the U.S. are getting formal professional
development credit for it, and so it runs during the school year for
teachers in N. America.

You can see information about the course at the main website,

I am in charge of the topic for April, which is: "The Open Movement - Open
Access, OERs & Future of Ed." For each month, we usually have two
presentations by speakers and two twitter chats, all falling on Wednesdays
(usually). I have lined up one speaker (I am sharing that slot with someone
else) and am looking for another. It would mean doing a presentation on a
platform where you can share slides, talk, have a text chat going along at
the same time, have participants take the mic, etc. I can't recall the
actual platform we're using at the moment, but can find out!

I'm writing to this list because there may be someone on here who would be
willing to do a one-hour presentation (including discussion with the
participants, and it can be interactive too!) on any of the following

* What is "openness?" What is the history of the "open" movement (if we can
call it that)? Why might one engage in open practices? Upsides and
potential downsides of doing so.

* Open education: what is open education, what are OERs? How can one find
and use them, and how can one share one's own OERs? What is the value of
doing education in the "open"?

* Open access: what does this mean, what are the different forms of open
access, and why is it important? What are potential drawbacks?

If anyone would be willing and able to do a talk on one of these topics,
that'd be great! Or even more than one in the same one-hour talk. it would
be recorded and archived online for future educators to watch.

If you're willing, please let me know! You could use my personal email if
you don't want to clutter the list (see below)...

Thank you for considering!


Christina Hendricks

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