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[FoxEye] Web API discussion: MediaStream with worker and ImageBitmap extension.

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Chia-Hung Tai

Jun 16, 2015, 9:32:12 AM6/16/15
Hi, there,
Recently, I launched FoxEye project. The goal of this project is bringing
the power of computer vision and image processing to the Web. You can see
more detail in [1].
To achieve the goal, we need to extend the current Web API. Right now, we
just came out two drafts, *MediaStream with worker*[2] and *ImageBitmap
extension*[3], and would like to discuss in public to reach more
Since we would like to standardize both specs into W3C and we believe that
your suggestions would make the API better. We also open two bugs for those
two API, [4] and [5].

I also discover some open questions when I implement the prototype. The
followings are the questions.

* - Should we need a separate VideoWorkerGlobalScope and a special
VideoWorker object?- Dropping frame mechanism for WorkerMonitor and
WorkerProcessor- Dispatch every video frame (flow controlled by
application)- Should Gecko limited maximum on-flow VideoProcessEvent?-
Should we support max FPS for the case to allow Web developer to get frame
slower than original video frame rate?- The concrete definition of
playbackTime in VideoProcessEven*

BTW, We will have a demo in Science Fair and a session during Whistler work

Science Fair in Whistler:
5PM~7PM, Tuesday

FoxEye session in Whistler:
2PM~PM, Thursday
location: may be changed to Whistler conference center due to WebRTC
session conflict.

Looking forward to seeing you Whistler.


Best Regards,
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