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Feature Request/Suggestion: Page History with context, re-visiting a website

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Feb 11, 2014, 6:15:45 PM2/11/14
I sometimes have trouble finding a certain website I visited because I forgot any matching keyword. But often I still know which page I visited right before or afterwards. Moreover, sometimes I'm interested in which context I visited a website. With the current user interface it's almost impossible to do both of these intends. I have two suggestions which might solve that:

1. A 'filter' checkbox next to the search-field which toggles the search field's function from filtering to find next/previous matching entry.
2. Don't discard the selection after emptying the filter field. That way one could select an item, empty the filter and could see the browsing context.

My second concern is that old items get deleted when one re-visits a website. I've found that somehow counterintuitive ever since and it also destroys parts of the browsing history. I think it would be good if re-visiting wouldn't discard old history entries.

What do you think?
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