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Re: Removing the close tab button when too many tabs are open (FF vs Chrome behavior)

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Art Kocsis

Sep 28, 2011, 4:58:24 PM9/28/11
to Moz Dev-Usability
I have to agree with Nick - Way too many times I have clicked on a tab to
open it only to find it deleted. Sometimes I can recover it via the "reopen
..." extension but not always. It can be a real PITA. This problem was
especially true using a horizontal layout for tabs.

However, using horizontal tabs themselves is itself painful and a deal
breaker for me. Since TabKit doesn't work with FF4+, I switched to the
Vertical Tabs extension. Vertical tabs saves vertical screen space and
allows instant drag resizing of the tab widths (you can quickly set the tab
width anywhere from 0 pixels to 100% to the FF window). In VT the close
button appears on every tab (on mouseover), but I can leave the tab width
wide enough so that I don't accidently click the close button. I can easily
view & manage over 40 open tabs (much more with vertical scrolling).

BTW, I also use the TabGroups Manager extension in conjunction with VT.
This creates a separate tab panel (vertical in my case), for each group -
all within a single FF window. Theoretically, I could have over 800 open &
active tabs in one FF window each easily accessible by at most two clicks.

Eddy, although VT could satisfy your preference for close buttons, to
answer your question re resolving user preferences I think it should be
left to the user. Simply make it a configuration option.

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