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Firefox Nightly - now with twice as many builds a day!

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Chris AtLee

Aug 31, 2017, 12:10:32 PM8/31/17
to, dev-platform, dev-tree-management
Bug 1349227[1] landed a few days ago, which means we are now doing
"nightly" builds twice a day at 1000 and 2200 UTC.

The purpose of doing multiple nightlies is to get fixes out to users in
Europe, Africa and Asia sooner.

We have some concerns about possible impact to the build infrastructure, so
for now we're keeping an eye on load. We may need to revert if this causes
too much backlog.

In the meanwhile, enjoy a more up-to-date Nightly more often!

Please comment on the bug if there are other issues with doing multiple
nightlies a day.


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