Help in building 64-bit windows XULRunner 24.

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Abhay Kumar Somani

Jun 26, 2015, 7:47:49 AM6/26/15
Hi, I am working in a company and we are using XULRunner to deploy our app. Now we have decided to upgrade our app to 64bit. While upgrading we got to know that Mozilla doesn't provides 64bitXULRunner for windows. However, while searching in the net, I found a website that provides 64bit binaries for windows but it is unofficial, and no source code is available there, so don't know whether it is safe to consume them as per our security concerns. The latest XULRunner that SWT supports for Windows x86_64 architecture is XULRunner24. So, if anybody could help me with building a 64bit XULRunner24 for windows or if Mozilla team plan to provide 64bit Windows build anytime soon, it will of great help.
Otherwise if someone can kindly help with building 64bit binaries for XULRunner24. Thanks in advance.
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