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Alexander Litus

Oct 27, 2015, 5:53:14 AM10/27/15

I've asked a question about Firefox HTTP/2 Trailers support here:

The question:

HTTP/2 draft-14 Section 8.1. allows for an optional HEADERS frame
> ("trailers") following DATA frames in the HTTP request and response.
> This is required to support implementations like gRPC in the browser (and
> future protocols built on HTTP/2).
> Does Firefox currently support HTTP Trailers or just ignores them? Thanks.

And I've got a response:

apparently trailers are not supported right now in firefox (or rather
> silently discarded) - they get read in order to maintain the appropriate
> state in the header compressor, but then they are just thrown away.

I have another question: does Firefox team has plans for handling trailers
to fully support gRPC?

Please see gRPC protocol:

Alexander Litus

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Patrick McManus

Oct 27, 2015, 9:54:37 AM10/27/15
to Alexander Litus, dev-tech-network
so we aren't going to support "trailers as headers" - that has been shown
not to work. I would consider taking a patch that supported "trailers as
trailers" that didn't have cache implications, etc.. doing that at the
xpcom level is pretty easy, exposing it to content would require some kind
of whatwg/w3c effort that I'm not aware of and that is largely for the same
reasons that trailers as headers don't work - trailers are not defined end
to end. In https:// this is more of a theoretical than real problem, so we
can probably cope.
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