Migrating mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine to Discourse

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Mar 10, 2021, 6:18:45 PM3/10/21
Over the next few months, this mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine mailing list (and its sibling mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine.internals) are being phased out. We still want to hear your questions and the development team has agreed to migrate to the Mozilla Discourse instance instead.


Discourse is a web-based forum that can still be accessed directly by email if that is your preference. Please continue to ask your questions there. I expect this should bring in more people from the current team to help with answers and advice as well.

I will also take this opportunity to point out that the project now maintains a website at https://spidermonkey.dev/ with the goal of keeping links to relevant and current information there.

The development team has a public Matrix chat channel for real-time chat for those who prefer it. https://chat.mozilla.org/#/room/#spidermonkey:mozilla.org

This current mailing list is actually a Usenet/NNTP group fused to email via GNU Mailman and also to Google Groups. The setup is quickly showing its age and due in for a modernization.

SpiderMonkey will turn 25 this year and the team is excited for what is in store, so come join us on Discourse or Matrix!
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