The status and roadmap for RISC-V platform?

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Wei Wu (吴伟)

Jul 17, 2020, 1:28:40 AM7/17/20

I've noticed the spidermonkey might be ready to be built on Linux/RISC-V
[1]. I searched the bugzilla and wiki for more information and couldn't
find it. Is there a plan or roadmap for Firefox/Spidermonkey porting to
RV64G/Linux platform? I'd like to contribute to this work, making Firefox
run on RISC-V machines like Hifive Unleashed. Since Firefox is a very
complex system, I think porting spidermonkey is a good starting point for
me [2]. Would you mind give me some hints?


[2] I've tried to implement a few features for spidermonkey during GSoC
2013, but failed to merge into the main branch due to the performance
issues. I have some experience on JS Engines and compilers.

Best wishes,
Wei Wu (吴伟)

Jan de Mooij

Jul 17, 2020, 2:21:20 AM7/17/20
to Wei Wu (吴伟), Firefox Dev, JS Internals list

It's good to hear from you again! We don't have plans for adding a JIT/Wasm
backend for RISC-V at this point. Most of SpiderMonkey (except Wasm
support) should work without it, it's just slower without JITs. Making sure
a --disable-jit build of Firefox works on RISC-V would be a good first step.

We could _potentially_ have a community-maintained JIT/Wasm backend for
RISC-V, like our MIPS code, but this would also depend on the impact to
other parts of the code base and whether the community is willing to
actively maintain it going forward.

Adding a JIT backend is a big project. We'd be happy to answer questions
and give feedback though. You can also find us in the #spidermonkey room on
Matrix [0].


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Wei Wu (吴伟)

Jul 17, 2020, 3:00:56 AM7/17/20
to Jan de Mooij, Firefox Dev, JS Internals list

Got it. I'd like to have a try ;-)
Indeed, the JIT backend is too big to be a personal project.
The first milestone for RISC-V porting might be to run a single line
helloworld.js on QEMU/RV64GC which simply prints a 'hello world'.
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