Help regarding invocation of JS_INIT in multithreaded environment in windows

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ravi prakash Bajpai

Jan 18, 2020, 10:43:08 AM1/18/20
hello everyone,

In my code when i am calling JS_INIT()/other_stuff/JS_SHUTDOWN() for per thread processing it is crashing .
when i am moving JS_INIT to be called only when process is coming up . its working fine . but now memory is keep increasing .

I am calling other function related to JS_NewRuntime()/JS_NewContext()/ ----prcocesing ---/JS_DestroyContext()/JS_DestroyRuntime() per thread.

first i thought, i haven't build spider monkey in threadsafe manner in windows . but it turned out JS_THREADSAFE has been removed . and all builds are by default threadsafe.

please provide your suggestion regarding this issue .

spider-monkey : 45
environment : Windows


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