Got hang in __lll_lock_wait () call by PR_Lock () from

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Neeraj Kumar

Dec 11, 2019, 10:25:09 AM12/11/19

One of our customer facing following issue on Linux 6:

While launching some jobs from the master server(ODSEE), the consumer server(ODSEE) got hang with almost all of the 128 worker threads using high CPU for __lll_lock_wait () call by PR_Lock () from

ODSEE is using NSS/NSPR version 3.42.1_20190222, please help me to find out root cause of this issue and the solution as well.

Stack trace of one of the thread
Thread 37 (Thread 0x7f909481d700 (LWP 53746)):
#0 0x00007f91328674cd in __lll_lock_wait () from /lib64/
#1 0x00007f9132862e01 in _L_lock_1022 () from /lib64/
#2 0x00007f9132862da2 in pthread_mutex_lock () from /lib64/
#3 0x00007f9132420d09 in PR_Lock () from /apps/ldap/7.0/dsee7/lib64/../lib/private/64/

Since this is very high priority issue, urgent help is required. Please let me know if above information is not enough.

Thanks in advance

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