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Leslie Cleary

Nov 20, 2020, 12:11:36 AM11/20/20
Hi Firefox,
Just want to say that, sadly, firefox is not what it used to be (speaking as a previous fan). Every update COMPLETELY erases my tabs, bookmarks and all my settings. Disastrous. WHAT is going on!!!! Techs I know, who service peoples' computers, have been advising they simply remove firefox...spares a lot of headache. This has been going on for some time.... Firefox, as it stands now, is easily hacked, your machine is weak. PLEASE fix firefox!!!! And restore it to it's old status, IF you can! SUCH A SHAME. ...As stated, used to be a real user! NOW, just use it to do an occasional search and might eliminate it altogether..... Sad.
THANK you...that is, if anybody actually reads this!
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