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Jay Patel

Oct 18, 2006, 7:27:26 PM10/18/06
*The Mozilla QA team and community need a new home on the web* (we still
have, but it's a bit outdated and wikis
just don't look pretty) we've started planning for QMO

Right now the site is a basic WordPress blog setup... but we hope to
change that with the help of our community! *We are looking for
talented web designers and artists to help us design a WordPress theme
and/or webpage templates that will transform QMO into a well designed,
user friendly, and exciting website to visit.* We hope QMO will give
our users a central place to come to learn more about QA, work better
together, and find new ways to get involved in the Mozilla community.

I'm no artist, and I'm fairly new to WordPress, so I have failed
miserably in trying to put a theme together myself. I did find one
"Firefox" theme
<>, but it
was based on Firefox 1.0 art and just didn't feel quite right for
QMO. *Please help us by coming up with fresh new designs and send
your themes/templates to with "QMO Theme" as the subject.*

*More info about our plans for QMO can be found at*. It is the
best place to keep notes and track progress as we work together to make
QMO a reality! Please feel free to add your ideas there and comments there.

*If we decide to use your theme for QMO, you will be our first QMO Hall
of Fame member and will receive a special gift from the Mozilla QA team.
:-)* Thanks for reading and start sending us some cool ideas. We look
forward to seeing all of your great designs!

- Jay

Oct 21, 2006, 9:13:07 AM10/21/06
Hi Jay,
I'm one of David Humphrey's students and I am currently leading
the Funtional Testing project and Firefox Performance Testing : A
Python framework for Windows projects:

I heard from Mohammad Attar
( that you are
looking for web developers and designers to fix up the QA site.

Help you coordinate this little project and help spread the word around
as this is a QA site and I happen to be leading the testing projects.

Seneca currently has a new Mozilla Club called Club Moz (President:
mystic on IRC). Just so you know, if you need help with mozilla stuff,
like this for example, you could let the exec board know about it and
we will do our best to help you.


Liz Chak (elichak on IRC)

Oct 22, 2006, 12:36:41 PM10/22/06
Hi Jay,

I don't understand what is the new site for? The old site seemd like it
was posting information for everyone to be able to keep up on what's
going on with the QA team, is that the purpose of the new site? Is it
supposed to be a blog for the QA team? A website helping people find
information and make it easier to get involved? Are you really sure
that wordpress is the way you want to go? (I'm not saying that
wordpress is bad, I use it - but it may not meet your needs)

I don't think that wikis *have* to be ugly, for example I think that
the dev.m.o template is nice though I'm not a fan of the www.m.o
template. I understand that opinions may vary.


Jay Patel

Oct 24, 2006, 3:26:02 PM10/24/06
Hey Liz,
It was nice chatting with you on IRC, and I look forward to working
with you and the rest of the nice folks at Seneca to get QMO going.
Despite the mention of Word Press in the post, one of our community
members suggested we give Drupal ( a shot...and we might be
moving over to that. Shoot an email to and let us know
how your team hopes to contribute. Thanks!
- Jay

Jay Patel

Oct 24, 2006, 3:28:58 PM10/24/06
Hey Tom,
I would say all of the above. Here is what I told Liz on IRC:

elichak|work: but what would the content be like? is it a blog? or is
it like the wiki? are you thinking of having documentations?
[11:12am] jay: right now, one of biggest challenges is getting new
people...and i personally think it's b/c the docs and info they need is
too scattered and hard to find easily.
[11:13am] jay: i want QMO to be the launch pad for everything we do
(test tools, testing, release verification, community events, etc)
[11:13am] jay: elichak: it will be mostly blog/article based on the
main page, but will also have other pages for various pieces we want to
[11:14am] jay:
[11:15am] jay: the main sections should be linked from the home
page...and the rest will be pages and/or links to other content (both
new pages and pointers to existing wiki and pages, some of
which will need updating)
[11:15am] jay: does that make sense?
[11:15am] jay: we want to start with a fancy home page...(which is why
we need help with design/themes). then we need to plan out the
[11:16am] jay: in the end i see us having something similar to (but with more QA related topics/content)
[11:16am] elichak|work: ahh, so it's the one place for everything to do
with qa stuff

Hope that helps! Thanks for your teams/clubs interest in QMO.
- Jay

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