Thunderbird QA Crystal Ball

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Wayne Mery

Jul 18, 2008, 4:21:14 PM7/18/08
Building on the success of Thunderbird bugdays ... the purpose of this
"Crystal Ball" topic is to get the ball rolling on the general topic of
Thunderbird QA, and working towards identifying and meeting QA specific
needs. Development of Thunderbird 3 is of course moving forward in a
strong way, and QA needs to make equally strong progress. Your input and
participation will help make this possible.

Two immediate, pressing needs deserve early mention:

* Perform QA of Shredder Alpha 2 (Thunderbird 3), which will happen ...
real soon
* Correct Litmus tests which are inaccurate for Thunderbird 3 (and in
many cases also for Thunderbird 2)

Details about these topics will be posted later today.

Additional needs are numerous. To mention a few:

* Manpower is of course always a key need. The amount of volunteer
involvement directly determines the amount of progress we make, and
indeed the level of quality of software delivered. So this aspect is
not to be underestimated.
* QMO, a new facility providing integrated QA environment - is preparing
to roll out this functionality. For Thunderbird to leverage the QMO
infrastructure, we need volunteers to step forward to review, plan and
build the Thunderbird specific pieces.
* Greater bugday participation - walkins welcome
* Increase Thunderbird QA visibility
* Discussion of Thunderbird QA needs, QA plans, etc (and here we go)

There are many interesting and exciting ways one can contribute to the
quality of Thunderbird. But nature of the beast is, to make things
happen, you must step forward - offer your thoughtful opinion, your
skills, your time, your leadership ... to help build or be part of a
Thunderbird QA community.

Lets continue the discussion of ideas here in Our
lead QA web page is Please
contribute your thoughts, large or small, here in the newsgroup, on the
mailing list, and in the relevant wiki pages.

Many people have contributed in the past to the progress and quality of
Thunderbird and we hope you continue. For anyone who hasn't yet dared
to help, we need your new blood to help raise the quality and features
of Thunderbird 3.

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