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Mar 30, 2020, 10:14:53 AM3/30/20
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> Will do that but today when She was fooling around in the folder (Telia is Her ISP provider) She espied that the Sent folder was
> colored magenta - She have set up 4os2 to show read-only file in magenta colour, so now She knows why sending off an email won't place a copy of
> it in the Sent folder. Have turned OFF the read-only attribute on the Sent file/folder, so now She can contact XEU (the firm that sells eCs) and ask
> them why the install of the eCs 2.1 Business Edition (pristine CD's AKA Media Kit) bombed during install. But HOW could the Sent folder/file have been
> marked as read-only? She certainly DIDN'T mark it as read-only :-(

Good idea to have read-only files in specific colour. Your mail is normal now?


Christer Jacobsson

Mar 31, 2020, 3:12:14 AM3/31/20
But when She was fooling around in the "basement" with the mailer not up
and running, She invoked the LIST command in 4os2 and searched for a
tune (ABBA's Happy New Year) She had sent to Her friend and lo and
behold - the full text of the mail was visible. But when She fired up
the mailer and did a search in the Sent folder this mail was *NOT* found
at all! She wants back these Sent mails for sentimental reason, but will
not try to save this problem before the new profile is created. But,
durst She use the Migrate Settings function or should She bring up the
two settings, the old one and the new one in two windowed OS2 sessions
and just tick off the new settings using the old setting as a sort of
"template"? Will create a .cmd for the new profile-creating with a SET
and the PLUGIN_PATH with will point to the Profiles residing in the
Y:\MOZILLA.ORG\MOZILLA tree - it's just the mail and newsgroups that
will reside in the r:\\mozilla tree. Btw, does the Personal
Adress Book contain only the adresses collected from outgoing mails to
new adresses or will it contain adresses for the Newsgroups as well, or
have the various Newsgroups their own Adress Books?

PS. Her trustee have A-OK'ed buying a USB-connected HD to do backups to,
then don't cost very much and will be MUCH reliable than usb sticks.
When we have accumulated enough funds and the new box is up and running
with Win7, a hotted up WSeB, eCs 2.1, eCs 2.1 Business Edition (got it
for free AND with regkeys from a guy at Mensys :-) and some flavour of
Linux, then it will be time to get a decent NAS box and using some Linux
flavour plus FreeNAS to backup the whole shebang on the new box to the
NAS - NAS is web-controlled so one can set it up how the backups should
be done. AND gave Her STRICT orders NOT to leve Her flat but stay
indoors as much as possible (corona you know) as She have diabetes type
1 (=insulin-dependent diabetes, and She was GLAD when the doctors gave
Her this diagnosis as Type 1 have less late-term complications than Type
2 have, for example changes in the retina - last year She got a clean
bill of health regarding Her eyes despite that She have been a diabetics
24 years now - will clock up the first line in the signature block to 25
on Dec. 13 - Her ma (since then departed with death) had Type 2 and she
had the kit for measuring her blood glucose values and since Her in-laws
had noticed that She had gone down in weight since the Summer in 1995
(was married then and the marriage lasted 21 years, then divorce) ma
took a blood glucose sample on Her and it read over 25, so she rang the
Health Central and reported the value to them. They ordered that She
should came in ASAP, they took a new value and said "Go to the ER
ASAP!), so She went home, packed down Her electric razor, electric
toothbrush, a portable CD player, music CD's and some good books to read
when She was hospitalized. They thought that She had Type 2, being 44
years of age, but when they tested what type She had they were surprised
that it was Type 1 - it's better to get Type 1 rather than Type 2, as
Type 1 require insulin injections, one have much more freedom when it
comes to eating - those that have Type 2 often uses oral medication so
their meal time is more fixed than we who have Type 1 have. She eats
brunch at around 11:00, first middle meal around 16-18 and the last
middle meal around 21 or late - can vary these times quite liberally as
the insulin shot is taken immediately before eating :-)

Cul8er alligator!
gaea - feminist & chunkawakan
/GAIA (Insulin User - 24th Anniversary :-) Ex-wife deceased :-(
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