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May 11, 2020, 9:28:55 AM5/11/20
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> So She can feed this to NFTP/2 (windowed version so She can copy & paste the URL above.

This is http:// web browser

> Another option would be to use PM Backup/2 - it's behaviour is like my old and trusted BackAgain Pro/2 when She did a FULL backup every Saturday
> to a DAT74 tape labeled Week1, then Incremental backups Sun-Fri. Switch tape to Week2 and rinse and repeat :-) 3rd week, go back to 1st tape again
> - in this wey She would have two weeks backups available so if something went shitty in for example WSeB (my old workhorse of OS2) She used the

Plenty of choice use what you desire.

> In the Classical bios it can be set to Ahci, ATA or RAID, no Sata option exist. But in the setup process for example eCs 2.1 BusED there is an option to
> load in additional drivers via the floppy, so if She puts the latest AHCI on the floppy, it should go in and the install would go to completion. Then the
> BIOS can be set back to use all processors again and using AHCI again.

AHCI is sata normal mode, ECS has AHCI

> That was good news, the Inbox is NOT damaged so it can be moved to the new profile "as is" via the method you described before. But can it be
> migrated to the new profile so that the characters in th Inbox is converted to UTF-8? Having UTF-8, our Swedish tail-end chars should show up fine>

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