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Intent to prototype: autocapitalize

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Makoto Kato

Sep 7, 2020, 11:18:45 AM9/7/20
to dev-platform
autocapitalize attribute is a html attribute that control
capitalization of software keyboard.

Originally, although this was implemented by Safari/iOS 5 and B2G had
the same feature in a part of inputmode (bug 796544 [*1]),
standaralized version became the autocapitalize attribute. Early
implementation of this attribute on Safari/iOS was <input> element and
<textarea> element only. The latest WebKit and Blink are available for
contenteditable too and WHATWG spec also considers contenteditable.


Platform coverage: All. But Windows and macOS have no API to control
capitalization of software keyboard.

Preference: This is enabled/disabled via dom.forms.autocapitalize

Devtools support: N/A. DevTools doesn't have software keyboard emulation.

Other browsers: Yes, Chrome and Safari (iOS only)


Restricted to secure contexts: No

-- Makoto

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