Content/Platform meeting minutes -- 2006 04 13

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Chris Hofmann

Apr 13, 2006, 5:13:34 PM4/13/06

We mostly discussed updates on landing plans and other significant changes that will be happening on the the trunk in the next few weeks to months.

We lost our voip connection here at the moco office before the end of the hour, so we will pick up on these topics next week.
We can also continue discussion how to get to get going on the work needed to prepare or a trunk widespread trunk testing release.

Branches and significant changes that are on the horizon, that need more discussion and work include:

readying to start syncing with the trunk to get experimental builds into testing prior to landing.
jst to help with branch and build updates.
need the outline of what to test and watch for when folks look at experimental builds
--basically that things don't break in these areas
---all areas of the UI with JS is manipulating the DOM
---DHTML Ajax and webapps where lots of DOM Manipulation happens
Once we get builds and a test outline we will be posting to the newsgroup and soliciting some focused testing help.


dbaron to provide an update.


-sounds like still some work to figure out where we are and what should be done with with cairo for a1?
--support on mac could be more than a month away.   -- if it is, should we split platform support for cairo in a1?
--need list of other dependency/a1 blocking bugs  -- check with vlad to see if this is available.

Event updates
 Darin thinks this is a couple of weeks away.  getting reviews now.  More info at

nsCaret overhaul

This is needed to fix up regressions tickled from other recent landings

Cross-site extensions to XMLHttpRequest
dbaron, darin, and others agree this would be good to look at, work on, and get landed as soon as possible.

dbaron might have a few more spec proposals add to the list

in the initial thinking now and still building some specs

Layout should not shut down until all documents have been release  -- could fix a number of shutdown crashes, but might cause others -- would be desireable on 1.8 branch if it is proven good and stable.  need review and comment
Anyone want to get other items on this first crack at a landing plan?

Other things on the horizon that are post a1, if a1 is 6-8 weeks away.

firefox on XUL runner.  --  bsmedberg thinks very soon after alpha 1 if alpha 1 is less than 6-8 weeks away

sicking's XBL2 work

graydon's cycle collector?

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