Intent to ship: CSSOM-View Scroll-Behavior CSS Property and CSSOM-View DOM Extensions for Smooth Scrolling

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Kip Gilbert

Oct 27, 2014, 4:32:46 PM10/27/14
As of October 28, 2014 I intend to turn on by default CSSOM-View
Scroll-Behavior CSS Property and CSSOM-View DOM Extensions related to
smooth scrolling. They have been developed behind the
layout.css.scroll-behavior.enabled and preferences. Firefox is
the first UA to ship this feature. Chrome has an implementation,
disabled by default.

Platform coverage: This will be enabled on all platforms except for
Fennec. (Fennec will be enabled once the C++ based APZC
implementation ships for Fennec)

This feature was previously discussed in this "intent to implement"

Further discussions occurred on www-style:

Bugs to turn on by default:

Bug 1087562 - Enable CSSOM-View scroll behavior CSS property by
default (Except for Fennec)

Bug 1087559 - Enable CSSOM-View scroll behavior DOM method extensions
by default (Except for Fennec)

Since the original intent to implement email, the specification has
evolved. The CSSOM-View DOM Extensions have been changed to accept
dictionaries for options and the 'instant' value for scroll-behavior
has been changed to 'auto'.

Bug: 964097 - [meta] Implement CSSOM-View smooth scrolling spec

Link to standard:

Oct 29, 2014, 1:13:22 AM10/29/14
Does scroll-behavior:smooth apply on scrolling that happens due to navigation (as per spec)? I've tested a "Back to top" link (href="#top") and got an instant scroll.


Nov 3, 2014, 10:32:18 PM11/3/14
在 2014年10月28日星期二UTC+8上午4时32分46秒,Kip Gilbert写道:
<a href="#"></a>

I hope this also has smooth scrolling effect.
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