Announcing MozillaBuild 2.1.0 Release

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Ryan VanderMeulen

Nov 24, 2015, 12:56:11 PM11/24/15
I am pleased to announce the final release of MozillaBuild 2.1.0. All users
are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible due to many improvements in
Mercurial since the last release.

Important changes since version 2.0.0:
* Updated Mercurial to version 3.6.1.
* Enabled the Mercurial clonebundles extension to greatly speed up
repository cloning.
* Minor updates to various included components.

Full changelog:

To upgrade:
1. Remove your current installation. If you can't remove the existing
installation, you probably have a terminal open or ssh-agent running.
Terminate it and try again.
2. Install MozillaBuild 2.1.0.
3. Run |./mach mercurial-setup --update-only| to ensure that the
version-control-tools repository is current. Extension bustage is likely
4. Clobber (remove the object directory of) any trees you have. Build
errors may occur otherwise.
5. If you previously enabled minTTY, you will need to do so again by
setting USE_MINTTY=1 at the top of start-shell.bat.

Please file any problems you come across in


Gregory Szorc

Nov 24, 2015, 2:15:42 PM11/24/15
to Ryan VanderMeulen,
I can't emphasize the importance of upgrading Mercurial enough, no matter
what platform you are on. There have been some major performance
improvements in the previous few releases and more are in the pipeline for
3.7 (to be released February 1).

Because it is so beneficial to run a modern release, will
soon print a warning to people who push with a Mercurial client older than
3.5. There are no plans to enforce a modern client at this time. Install
instructions are at
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