Stopgap for Commit Series in Phabricator

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Nika Layzell

Jul 25, 2018, 4:32:22 PM7/25/18
to dev-platform
While our services team is working on making a reliable & maintained tool
for handling commit series with Phabricator, I threw together something
small to use as a stop-gap for pushing large commit series to Phabricator
and updating them.

It currently works as a wrapper around Arcanist, and *only supports git*
(as I don't know how hg works enough to get it to work reliably), but
should allow pushing a range of commits as revisions without touching the
working tree, automatic dependency relationships, bug number filling, and
reviewer field population.

I called it 'phlay' (splinter => flay; flay + phabricator => phlay).

Tweet w/ short demo clip:

I've used it to push pretty-much all of my recent patch series to
Phabricator, and it's saved me a good amount of time, so I figured I'd let
people know. Feel free to poke me on IRC if you have questions.

- nika

Kris Maglione

Jul 26, 2018, 12:09:45 PM7/26/18
to Nika Layzell, dev-platform
Here's an approximate equivalent for hg which doesn't require

It's a slightly modified version of stock hg Phabricator plugin
(which we apparently have gps to thank for inspiring) which
handles parsing bug IDs and reviewers from commit messages.

You just need to add something like this to your .hgrc:

url =

mozilla.schemes = https
mozilla.prefix =
mozilla.phabtoken = cli-...

and then use `hg phabsend` to push a commit series (or `hg phabread`
to import one).
Kris Maglione

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Ted Mielczarek

Aug 6, 2018, 3:27:19 PM8/6/18
to Kris Maglione, dev-platform
Thanks for this, Kris! Just an FYI for anyone planning to try this: I was behind a few versions on Mercurial (at 4.3) and I had to update to 4.7 for this extension to work.

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Dave Townsend

Aug 11, 2018, 12:29:39 AM8/11/18
to Kris Maglione, dev-platform
This is an excellent tool and I'm using it for basically all my
submissions. Just one word of warning though, it doesn't currently support
submitting patches that contain binary files at this time. The binary file
will become truncated at phabricator, so watch out for that.
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