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Irresistible Texts Review⚠️ It Works! Science of Attraction

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leah tristram

Dec 5, 2023, 11:08:41 AM12/5/23
Irresistible Texts Review🔍Uncover the Science of Attraction

The Irresistible Texts program is a revolutionary concept designed specifically for women looking to enhance their texting skills to improve romantic connections. Created by renowned dating and relationship expert Matt Coast, this program leverages scientific research on hormones and attraction to offer a unique approach to texting that activates the right emotional and biological responses in a romantic interest.


✔️Overview of the Irresistible Texts Program
The core purpose of the Irresistible Texts program is to equip women with practical, science-based texting techniques that spark attraction and interest from romantic prospects. It moves beyond generic texting advice and instead focuses on utilizing knowledge of key hormones like testosterone, dopamine, oxytocin to influence emotions through words and phrases.

The structure of the program follows a strategic 5-step process, with each step concentrating on a specific hormone and how to stimulate its release through texting. This step-by-step methodology aims to dramatically improve flirtatious banter, emotional bonding, and mutual desire.

✔️The Science Behind Attraction
Irresistible Texts stands out from typical texting guides because of its rooting in scientific research on attraction. Specifically, it targets hormones like:

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✔️Testosterone - Associated with confidence, assertiveness and sexual desire
Dopamine - The "feel good" hormone that controls longing and craving
Oxytocin - The bonding hormone that influences trust and intimacy
The program educates on the language, words, and phrases scientifically proven to spark these hormonal reactions, making texting more powerful.

✔️Structure of the Program
The Irresistible Texts program follows a strategic 5-chapter structure, with each chapter focusing on a key hormone:

Testosterone Texts🛑 - Improving confidence and flirtation
Dopamine Texts🛑 - Enhancing desire and anticipation
Oxytocin Texts🛑 - Building comfort and emotional bonds
Cortisol Texts🛑 - Reducing anxiety associated with texting
Implementation Texts🛑 - Practicing texts in real romantic conversations
This incremental approach allows women to master their texting ability one hormone at a time.


Creator of the Program: Matt Coast
Matt Coast is a renowned figure in the dating and relationship coaching world, known for his science-based approach. His expertise stems from both personal experience and the integration of scientific literature into practical self-improvement strategies.

Matt Coast’s Credentials
With over a decade of experience, Matt Coast has established himself as a thought leader on relationships, working with countless clients to achieve dating and relationship success. His writing has appeared in major publications like MSN, The Good Men Project and LifeHack. He's also a regular guest on popular podcasts like The Marie Forleo Podcast and The Date Yard.

✔️Philosophy and Approach
Matt Coast's philosophy emphasizes practical, evidence-based self-improvement strategies that leverage knowledge of human psychology and biology. He focuses on the alignment of science and real-world application. This distinct approach is clearly evidenced in Irresistible Texts through its emphasis on research about hormones and subsequent texting tactics.


Detailed Breakdown of Program Content
The Irresistible Texts program contains 5 core chapters, each concentrating on texts tailored to a specific hormone important for attraction. Additionally, example texts, scenarios and worksheets are included to assist practical application.

✔️Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1 - focuses on testosterone and texts that project confidence, flirtation and sexual openness.
Chapter 2 - centers on dopamine and phrase that build anticipation, desire and craving.
Chapter 3 - targets oxytocin texts that demonstrate emotional availability, comfort and connection.
Chapter 4 - reduces cortisol and texts that minimize anxiety, overthinking and tension.
Chapter 5 - implements these texts into real-world dating scenarios for practice.
Each chapter builds on previous knowledge to systematically master texting technique.

✔️Example Texts and Scenarios
Alongside hormone-specific texting theory and strategies, the program contains over 500 examples texts as well as common dating scenarios to reference. These elements allow for straightforward real-world application of the knowledge taught.

Additional Resources and Bonuses
On top of the core 5-chapter curriculum, Irresistible Texts contains supplementary video tutorials tackling specific texting issues women face. Bonus manuals are also included covering special areas of concern.


✔️Video Tutorials
Over 8 hours of additional video content is included such as:

Dealing with being ghosted
Texts to send if he hasn’t texted in 2-3 days
Signals he’s losing interest over text
Getting him to text back quickly
These videos offer actionable advice applying the program’s core texting methodology.

Bonus Materials
The following bonus manuals offer tailored texting advice for unique situations:

Long Distance Texting - Maintaining attraction across distance
Texting Generation Guide - Optimizing texts for millennial men versus gen Xers
Building Sexual Tension Over Text - Flirty texts that heat things up
Program Accessibility and Format
The Irresistible Texts program is delivered entirely through digital access for maximum convenience. However, the texting guides can also be printed for offline usage and annotation.

✔️Digital Convenience
Following purchase, users gain instant access to the program through the online member dashboard which contains the full program text, bonuses and videos. This allows the material to be accessed 24/7 from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

✔️Offline Usage
While digital access enhances convenience, some may prefer using a physical text for easier offline reading and note-taking. All text content is presented in printer-friendly PDF formats that allow for printing if desired.

Advantages and Target Audience
Irresistible Texts offers science-backed texting techniques unavailable in any other program. It uniquely blends research and real-world dating contexts, making it useful for women across all relationship stages, whether freshly dating or in long-term relationships.

✔️Benefits of the Program
The Irresistible Texts program provides women an array of advantages:

Scientific Foundation - Leverages research on attraction hormones
Holistic Methodology - 5-step process improves overall texting skill
Applicable Strategies - Over 500 example texts and common dating scenarios
Accessibility - Available instantly in digital format or printable
Who Should Use It
This program can benefit women across varying romantic situations:

Those desiring more dates
Girlfriends wanting to spark old flames
Women struggling with flirtatious banter
Individuals getting over relationship breakups
Spouses aiming to increase intimate desire
The texting guides prove versatile for different needs and relationship stages.

✔️Pricing and Availability
Irresistible Texts is available for purchase directly through the official website for a one-time price of $49.95. Special discount offers are frequently published via email newsletter.

✔️Cost and Value Comparison
The scope of knowledge and bonuses contained make the program a significant value. Comparatively, hiring a dating coach can cost $100 per session. Irresistible Texts provides over 8 hours of specialized advice at under $50.


✔️Purchase Process
The program can be purchased by visiting the official site and clicking the “Buy Now” button. Payment can be processed via Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal. After purchase, users gain instant access to the online program dashboard.

For women struggling to maximize their texting ability for greater romantic success, the Irresistible Texts program delivers a truly innovative solution. With techniques rooted in scientific research on hormones, it’s strategic methodology promises more flirtatious, engaging and mutually exciting text conversations. The comprehensive program structure and array of bonuses ensure texting confidence no matter the situation or relationship stage.
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