Intent to ship Service Worker Notification API

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Jul 14, 2015, 3:22:06 PM7/14/15

Target release: Firefox 42
Implementation and shipping bug:

This is a follow up to the Notification API on worker support that landed in Firefox 41 [1].

These patches implement support for the `showNotification()` and `getNotifications()` methods on ServiceWorkerRegistration. The `Notification` constructor is available on ServiceWorkers but throws an error if actually used.

Potential for abuse?
This API allows service workers to show notifications to the user. This can happen even when a tab/window for the origin is not open in the browser. Service Workers can only run when the UA decides to run them and ideally only for a short time. If we notice abuse, we could restrict the ability to show notifications only to certain events (like push) and forbid them in others (like fetch events which occur several orders of magnitude more often), but we do not do that right now.

Platforms: Available on all platforms. But Firefox for Android has limitations on its notification subsystem that prevents this from working.

Support in other engines:
Blink - shipped in Chrome 42/Opera 29-
Webkit - not supported
Edge/Trident: not supported

Developer documentation:



Ehsan Akhgari

Jul 15, 2015, 11:00:05 AM7/15/15
Yes, please!
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