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MOVING dev.platform to in Mozilla’s Google Workspace (formerly GSuite)

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Corey Shields

Mar 30, 2021, 3:25:19 PM3/30/21
tl;dr - this mailing list is migrating to a new home on Saturday April 3.
Recipients who have subscribed via will be migrated and
no action is required. Participants who have subscribed via NNTP or Google
Groups will need to re-subscribe.

This mailing list has been running on legacy custom-patched mailman
software since the early Mozilla days. As many of you are aware, there are
limitations and sometimes loss of data with the old configuration, so we
are migrating this list to be hosted as a well-supported email-based Google
Group under Mozilla's Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) account.

Currently this forum is accessed as follows:
- Mailing List:

- Newsgroup:
- Web:

This list will be archived and changed to read-only on April 3, after which
we will continue our conversations in the new list.

After the move, the access points will change to:
- Mailing List:

-- will automatically forward to the new
mailing list

- Web:

Note: Newsgroup access is deprecated and will no longer be an access point.

We will pre-populate the new group’s members list with the active users who
subscribed to this list via, and you will begin to
receive email from the new group as soon as messages are posted to it.

We do not have visibility into subscribers from NNTP or Google Groups, so
if you do not receive notifications from the new group, you may subscribe
by sending email to The new group is
also public-facing via the web interface so you only need to subscribe to
the new group if you intend to post messages or if you want to receive
group conversations via email.

Past archives will be preserved here in this instance of Google Groups, and
future archives will be found in the new URL

Daniel Veditz

May 26, 2021, 2:54:39 PM5/26/21
Re-upping since there's still some traffic here. Please read Corey's message below and subscribe to the new mailing list/Google Group if your primary access to this content has been through the web site.

The new Google Group URL is
Mailing list is
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