Migrating mozilla-central builds to the Windows 8 SDK

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Nov 12, 2012, 2:07:27 PM11/12/12
Hey all,

Windows 8 metro browser work continues to progress. Within the next couple of months we would like to finish up the process of merging elm over to mozilla-central so we can turn the metro browser bits on in mc nightlies. However before we can do this we'll need to add the latest Windows 8.0 SDK to our builders and switch to using it on mc. This post serves as notice that we are planning to do this and as a request for any feedback, pro or con on this migration.

For testing we currently have builds being generated using VS 2010 and 8.0 SDK on Elm. Thus far we haven't found any issues, although exhaustive testing has not taken place.

Key notes -

* The 8.0 SDK is available stand-alone from Microsoft's web site for free.

* Mozilla central currently builds with the 8.0 SDK without any code changes. The vc2010 startup scripts were recently updated to detect and prefer this SDK if present as well. (A new mozilla-build exe hasn't been released, so you will have to download the new script from the mozilla build repo.)

* There is one significant difference between 8.0 and past SDKs - the 8.0 SDK does not include a build runtime so a compatible version of Visual Studio will also need to be installed to use it.

* Developers will not be required to upgrade to 8.0, Mozilla products will continue to build with the 7.X SDKs just fine. Firefox will build as well, although you will not be able to build the metro browser bits without upgrading to the 8.0 SDK.

* We are not planning to install or migrate to Visual Studio 2012. This was part of the original plan but has since been dropped due to various issues. We probably won't revisit this subject until SP1 is released.

If you have an questions or comments please post here or contact me on irc.


8.0 SDK tracking bug:


Nov 13, 2012, 6:28:40 AM11/13/12
jim.m...@gmail.com wrote:

>Key notes -
* The 8.0 SDK requires Windows 7 (or Windows Server 2008 R2)

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