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Intent to unship: Recursive call of Document.execCommand()

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Masayuki Nakano

Aug 19, 2020, 4:57:05 AM8/19/20
to dev-platform, smaug, Anne van Kesteren
`Document.execCommand()` may cause firing DOM events and/or running some
observers. Therefore, web apps can call it recursively. However,
Chromium has already stopped supporting it (since 2014)[1][2].

And it'll be documented in execCommand spec[3].

This is testing in Nightly and early Beta[4] since 75 (Feb, 2020). So,
I'd like to drop the support in Release channel and late Beta too
starting from 82, but it's still under COVID-19 situation so that if you
have some concern, let me know.

Pref name: dom.document.exec_command.nested_calls_allowed


Masayuki Nakano <>
Working on DOM, Events, editor and IME handling for Gecko
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