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MemShrink effort.

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Johnny Stenback

Jun 9, 2011, 8:06:46 PM6/9/11

It's become increasingly clear over the last several months that we have
a pretty pressing need to deal with increases in memory usage in
Firefox. Since we released 4 (and before, too), we've seen lots of
reports about Firefox memory usage being higher than in older versions,
and that Firefox memory usage is growing over time. Nicholas Nethercote
has done a lot of amazing work in this area already
etc), and he put together a wiki page about this work as well at

It's pretty clear by now that this is a much bigger problem than any one
person can likely tackle. So to help get more attention to this issue
we'll be starting up a MemShrink effort, where a group of people will
get together to look at the big picture, triage bugs, investigate
general approaches, and do some brainstorming. This effort will start as
weekly meetings, and down the road once it seems we have a handle on
this problem we'll taper off and do these meetings at a different
interval, or not at all, depending on what things look like then.

These meetings will be held on Tuedays at 1:00PM pacific in the Warp
Core conference room in Mozilla's Mountain View office. The first
meeting will be next week (6/14), and anyone's welcome to join. I'll
post dialin info to the dev-platform list before the meeting.


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