Intent to prototype and ship: Make <link> elements not traversable

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Emilio Cobos Álvarez

Feb 8, 2021, 6:49:43 PM2/8/21
to Mozilla
(I forgot to send an intent for this a couple weeks ago)

Summary: This is a bit of a mess, see [1][2]. TLDR:

* Gecko treated <link> elements like anchors, in the sense that if you
display them, we allowed you to click around, etc. This meant also
supporting :link / :visited on them, and such. We stopped supporting
:visited on them a while back[3], because doing history queries for that
and expose more attack surface for timing attacks seems just bad.

* WebKit matched :link / :visited but didn't allow you to navigate
using them. They stopped matching :visited around the same time as we
did, too.

* Blink at some point long time ago stopped matching :link / :visited
on <link> elements.

This change aligns us with Blink (and the updated HTML spec).


DevTools bug: N/A, I think

Other browsers: see above


web-platform-tests: Landed with the html spec change.

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